Achieving more together than alone


ETL Global offers its partners development opportunities, stability, financial security & support.

As a group of small and medium sized firms, ETL focuses particularly on companies and entrepreneurs that are looking for customized services and personalized advice. Our integrated approach enables us to be flexible on location and deliver services on demand.

Whether you are planning to hand over your law or accounting firm to the next generation or you see a better future for the company as part of an interdisciplinary and internationally aligned group, we are continually investing in stakes in professional service firms and file a joint application with you in case you want to strike out on your own as a chartered accountant or an auditor. We will provide you the security to have a financially strong partner at your side and you will benefit from the support of a firm with 40 years of experience.

Every market is subject to its own rules and every country speaks its own language so, why not make use of the international presence that the ETL Group offers. More than 180 firms in more than 50 countries have joined us, enabling us to have access to many regions of the world. We are working closely with our international partners who speak the language and know the market, its characteristics and the underlying legal system. Once you have joined ETL Global, we will provide you and your clients with excellent services, wherever you are.

Join us now and witness the many benefits our unique partnership has to offer.

  • Being part of a large organisation
  • The know how transfer
  • Access to state of the art solutions
  • Access to outsourcing solutions
  • Professional support
  • A renowned trademark
  • An established marketing platform
  • Assistance in building a succession plan
  • Client referrals

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